Wednesday, March 09, 2011


the arrival of our sweet little girl, Carlee Alexa.

Yes, as you may have guessed based on my long absence, our little girl has arrived and we are now a busy household of three, four if you include my mom staying with us since her arrival:)

On February 23rd, at 12:49 our little girl came in a bit of a rush....arriving at the hospital about 30 minutes before she arrived!  My contractions were all over the place during the night, very irregular and I was unsure this was even the real thing but by 10:30am they were getting pretty intense, even though they were still only about 20-25 seconds long, and we finally asked to have an assessment with the midwife to see how things were progressing.  When we arrived for the assessment I was already 7-8 cm dilated and it was a good thing their office is beside the hospital...we quickly went over and walked right into the delivery room as they told me to try not to push, ha, right!  It took them a bit to get things set up but once I could push she was out within a few contractions and we have our little girl!

Here are some pics of our little sweetie now!

Forgive me as I take some time settling in with our little girl...I look forward to catching up in the blog world soon!

Krista...and Carlee:)