Friday, May 06, 2011

Royal Inspiration

No, I wasn't one of those who got up at 3am to watch the Royal wedding, even though the time coincided with when Carlee got me up to eat...I definitely thought sleep to be more important!  But in the morning I did sit and watch the recaps and the live kiss on the balcony - who can resist dreaming as watching a real live princess??

Well, when I received the invitation to an English tea for next week I was inspired by all these royal attendees to make my own fascinator to wear to the event! In about ten minutes and for one dollar I created this:

My supplies included a glue gun, flowers from the dollar store and some tulle(I used a corner of my wedding veil for this).  Simple cut off the stems of the flowers and glue them in whatever arrangement you like on any headband you may have lying around. I trimmed back some of the flowers as well so they weren't so big on top.

And that's it! I think it looks better in person but not bad for a first try I thought!  Should be fun to wear to the tea next week:)

Have yourselves a great weekend!

And of course I'll part with another picture of my cutie!