Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rolling Around In Style

Well, someday soon I will be one of those ladies pushing around a stroller so I got to thinking about what kind of stroller do I want.  Should I just walk into Walmart and pick one that looks pretty or research to the point where no one other than that one that is overpriced and unattainable will do leaving me with a budget one that I will always glare at since its not as pretty as the other one...ugh...all that for a stroller??

Well, I caved and entered the world of researching strollers, and is it ever overwhelming and ridiculous.  But after two days straight of pouring over three or four wheels, all terrain or travel system, and which ones has suspension or parents trays...I narrowed it down to these three favorites, which I'm still not sure where exactly our budget lies but here we are, Christmas and birthday present??

Let's see,

#1 pick is....
Baby Jogger City Mini

 By far this one seems to be the best for getting around on many surfaces, a really easy fold up system, very light, amazing canapy and rather stylish eh?

Retailing around 230 US I would love pushing this beauty around.

#2 option 
Joovy Kooper

 Still light, folds up pretty compact, comes with more features than the city mini so less extra costs but does not have as sturdy of wheels so maybe a bit bumpier.  And at 152 and free shipping, just find an American to host this baby til I can pick it up and that's a decent price!

 #3 stroller of my dreams!
Peg Perego Si Light Weight Stroller

 I feel a little meh about this one...well rated and decent features but definitely not oooohhhh-ing me at all I guess.  But more likely to be found on a yard sale in Canada which is definitely a factor!

 Well, here's the current choices, got a few months to decide;) But what do you all think? Anyone got experience in this area, thoughts on these options, or others to consider? Would love to hear your opinions!

Runner-up in the competition has appeared! A cheaper version that still seems to get good reviews. Let's take a look at the Instep Safari(aka Schwinn).

 You can see all the info and reviews for it here:

Well, I'll be off stroller shopping tonight to try them all out.  Anyone had an Instep before?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paper Flower Inspiration:)

The awesome feature from friday just stuck in my head, so Friday night with  no hubby around for the night, was spent watching tv while experimenting with making them in different sizes.

It was so easy! Here's how they turned out!

Then, we had a wedding on Saturday to go to and I ran out of time and needed a headband to go in my hair quick.... So look what's on hand right? Ribbon and to have a little fun, a tiny paper flower:)

Ok, well, way to far away to see but you can imagine.  And you get to see us all dressed up...which actually happened about twenty minutes before the wedding after finding out that none of my dresses that were dressy enough fit anymore.  Quick stop at Dynamite for a whole outfit for 30 dollars, not bad!

Thank goodness the church was by the mall!

Well, can't wait for this weekend! Finally am home for a WHOLE weekend! Very excited:)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fave!

Ok, I have been making those magnetic boards and the worst part is finding some cool magnets to go with, I hate it...til I stumbled upon this little corner of ingeniousness!!  Flowers from scrapbook paper and make it magnetic...DONE!

I am so trying this out tonight:) 

In between feeding the relatives, hanging out with them, making a second frame, running to the store for more supplies and finding something to wear for the wedding tomorrow, AND figuring out directions which in my world is no easy task...No problem right...sure for all you multitasking moms that's a normal day, whew, I feel busy!

Anywho, take a look and try it out on your own tonight! Then you all can show me the awesomeness you created, hehe:) On second thought I'll like yours better so maybe not...

Whip over to On My Side of the Room and you shall see.....

 Cute eh? Now go see how she made the memo board too!

I so need more sheet metal!

 Have a great weekend everyone!

OH and no worries, baby updates will start soon:)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little Chalkboard/Magnetic Frame

Nothing new, but this little craft is still one of my favorites to make and I love mine in my handy to keep the important papers on so I don't forget things!  Well, mine is just magnetic so I love the idea of chalkboard to so you have options!! Well, let's take a look:)


Any frame - I like ones with a bit of design from any thrift store for a couple of dollars.
Chalkboard paint
Sheet of metal - i got mine from the plumbing section
paint of your choice, primer and varnish

 Fully cover the sheet of metal with the chalkboard paint - I use the spraypaint which is usually easier.  Just follow the directions covering it fully a couple of times.

This frame originally was just wooden and had an ugly picture...but I was too excited and didn't take a picture:) But it was ugly, trust me, no loss there!

Just do a coat of primer, paint it up and cut the metal to fit the frame....and that's it!

Hang it on the wall, and you've got a handy place to hang or write the important, or just fun stuff!

Hope the newly married couple enjoys it as I do:)

Have a great day!

PS. I'm Linked Up, check it out:) 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life...just keeps on going!

Do you have the same feeling like summer was just rushed away?  I can't believe we are part way through August and I am into my second trimester..It can't go this quickly can it?  Well, sometimes I feel like hubby and I are just waiting for when we have some weekends to ourselves and this week, even a weeknight would be nice!  I hate that feeling of waiting to slow down and then when it does I'm bored and can't wait for something to happen...vicious circle isn't it?

Well, this weekend we headed to Brockville for a beautiful wedding and then explored the Thousand Islands on the border of Ontario and NY for a few days.  It was wonderful and just a perfect little getaway in the midst of a whirlwind of weddings and visitors and midwife appointments.

One of the things we did was take a cruise of the islands where we came across this little beauty...

Ahh, wonderful:)

Can you imagine spending a few days on this island...and going by boat to get your groceries, sounds like a great getaway place to me.  And the real fun part is that the island on the left is Canadian, and on the left, American, haha...So the man who owns it stated he loves to leave his wife behind in another country when they have arguements, cute!

What'd you all do with your weekend?  Visit any of your own personal islands??

Off to plan/help out/make present for another wedding this weekend!


Monday, August 09, 2010

Veil cont...

So we made it to the beautiful wedding on Saturday and had a wonderful night celebrating with them...and only had to put my sewing skills(what little there is) to use once to sew up the bustle (?) for the bride:) It was a great day and she danced the night away. 

Here are some pics of the bride wearing the veil I made for her...kinda far away still but I did my best:)

Its hard to tell here but there are small beads tied in everywhere that reflect the light.

What a beautiful bride she was and now her and the hubby are celebrating and relaxing in Mexico:)

Congrats Caell & Cara!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday back!!!

I know, your beginning to think whether or not I'm gonna do any projects of worth in the near future eh? Well, in the meantime til I get the ball rolling again let's take a look at what another person did this week!

I just love this inspiration this week since I've been thinking about what to do on a wall in the new place which somehow takes a lot longer to put together when your pregnant!!  Funny how that works:( Well, I can't wait to go home and find something fun to throw in different spots from this idea, so take a look!

This week's fave comes from Betty Crocker (wannabe) and literally sprinkles inspiration throughout the house.

That's it for this week, will share my wedding present for the wedding this weekend next week! See you soon:)


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nursery Dreaming

So several weeks ago I found a wall decal that is going to be my inspiration for the baby room, the tricky part being it will also be our guest bedroom...ya, a little more difficult to tie things together!   Well, I put together a bunch of pictures to show what I like and hopefully will be able to put something together with all these dreamy nurseries!

See I like the touch of nature and babies space, while an adult would still not feel totally ridiculous sleeping in this room as well, right?

And I love the decor of this room and how its ties together the baby area and the bedroom area all in one: )

Good thing I've got a few months to dream about this! How did you all put together your nurseries??


Thursday, August 05, 2010


So if you were raised listening to Christian music as I was, you have to know who Newsboys are....if not, this will mean nothing to you:)  But for me, this was time number 8 or so of seeing the Newsboys, and it was fantastic!  Me and a friend headed to Darien Lake Park in New York to spend the day doing rollar coasters(safely for the baby, no worries!) and then see the concert at night! 

It was fantastic, and I'm pretty sure the closest I've ever been to them as this picture was not even zoomed in! For a while they played in the center and we got nice and close. 

see? SOO close:) Then we ended off the trip by shopping around for a day before heading home... By the way, The Christmas Tree Shop is amazing!

Awesome concert, awesome weekend (other than the minor accident I was in, baby still ok) and excited for another wedding on Saturday! Have a great day all!