Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little bit of Christmas..

I love Christmas....like really LOVE it.  I love the family time, and the songs in church, and pulling out the nativity and the lights around the house - I love thinking of presents that will really make someone feel special(hopefully) and taking the time to slow down and appreciate our lives and family around us.  And this year I am SO excited to share that with Carlee who probably won't even notice at 10 months...but I can't wait to see her little face with all the wrapping paper she will get:)

So, in the Christmas mood last night, I whipped up some cards to sell or give out myself...we shall see:)

A week from Friday we will drive out East to be home for the holidays - and I cannot wait!  I hope you all are getting excited, take time to enjoy the season amidst the crazy, and each have a wonderful Christmas celebration.