Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Frame Finale!

Remember those frames from a while back that were covered in christmas paper? Well, after picking up an embossing gun in the states for 10 bucks.....awesome deal!!!...., I finished up that project:) This little frame now sits on the shelf in the kitchen wishing everyone Holiday Cheer!

And there we are! Frame - 50 cents, everything else on hand for scrapbooking:) Embossing is my new best friend!! Instantly looks professional and be-autiful!!!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nursery Visions

I'm not sure how you all were able to put together a vision of how you wanted your first nursery together....how to capture the feel you wanted to create, but mine fully relies on the piece of material I showed you last day.  Not too girly, not too baby-ish, something fun, but not so bright that the baby would be overwhelmed by her room! Too much thought maybe? Haha, well, I saw this material and that was it....my inspiration was complete!

Here is a sample picture from the website:

Its the perfect mix of colors that can work for a boy or girl, so as long as I still like it....I can mix it up when we have a boy(Lord willing) with the darker greens and blues while for this one I can pull out the pinks and lighter green and yellow to be softer and girly!  You gettin' my vibe??

Here are a few more inspiring pics for the baby room...course we'll see how far we take the painting the walls and such, but I can't wait to see it all come together in the house....and SO excited that we can really put effort into it since we'll hopefully be in the new place for a few babies:)  And since Mom is returning to help out with some house projects in January before baby arrives, there should be a few transformations coming then!  To make up for my slacker months recently;)

Here we go...

You all getting my drift here??? What did you use to bring your nursery together? A specific piece or focal point, color, shapes.....so much to use!!

Promise to take pics and share on the rest of the nursery projects thus far and hopefully some christmas projects too!!

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Sneak Peak...

Visions of our little girl's room are coming together slowly and we picked out very fun material in the states on our annual holiday shopping trip that my mom and I take.  And since she is much more talented than I, I gave her a bunch of jobs and she got right to work putting pieces together for the bedroom! Here is a sneak peak of the feel of the room.

Take a look at her newest piece for the bedroom, the polka dot material being our inspiration!

A little coat rack for her room.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Newest Award....

Worst blogger ever.... :(  Ya I know....I promised to show you projects, I showed you nothin'...BUT in my defense....we have been out EVERY night for the last two weeks or so....so when we had a moment this weekend of sitting, I just sat.  And it was great! Since I'll be working two jobs, finishing a course and packing for the next few weeks...I figured I was allowed a minute right? No eh? No excuse...

Alright, well how about I show you all this house I've been talking about! December 16th we will officially (I think....given the unforeseen!) be moving into our own little place.  Note it doesn't look like much but boy do we think its got potential!  And ya, its still got a fabulous blue bathroom. So while we weren't here long enough for me to do anything to our current one...the new one will definitely need an overhaul at some point!

Anywho, enough chatting, time for pics....here is our brand new (old) house!

If you click on the picture, you can take a little tour of our new place...as long as you promise to dream a little about what it could be!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Disappearing Act...

Whew....its been a whirlwind that just keeps on going!  Where have the past couple of weeks gone? 

Well, being an occasionally spontaneous couple, we decided to start house shopping a few weeks ago....so now unofficially still we have bought a house!  Will share more details on that once its all signed and sealed but that is one reason my time went from blogging projects to open houses and house showings all the time. Did I mention closing date is Dec 16...haha, good times right?

Then my mom came to visit me for a week.  My mom is fantastic...she made croquettes, cleaned the house, made supper for us, decked this baby out better than you would believe, crocheted and knitted away all week, found a dresser and painted it for DQ, is going to attempt making the christening gown in addition to curtains and other decorative sewing projects for the room, helped us with putting in an offer on the house, found a cradle for the baby for the beginning, repainted a shelf for the baby room. and shopped til she dropped in the states with me all weekend.  It was fabulous:)  

Now I'm searching cheap flights to bring her out again in January...so many new projects in the new place for her to work on!  In the meantime, I will pull out my camera and show you a few of the projects she pulled together this week.

Be back soon!  In the meantime, I gotta go digest that we are soon to be homeowners AND parents...whew


Monday, November 01, 2010

A Quiet Halloween Night....

I knew being on a busy corner there was a chance of minimal cute trick or treaters coming around....still I held out hope...maybe close to ten??

No, three....all at once....and that was it. Sigh... maybe next time we move. 

But I still had fun throwing together this little headband for some fun for the night!

Can you guess who??