Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ridiculous Railing Redo

Remember back for a moment to those houses in the 70's....what's the worst?  The wood paneling? The ridiculous amount of mustard colored things? The crazy designs on the flooring?

Well, I would suggest that this railing rivals them all:


alright, I'll give you the carpet is not that great either but at leasts its not green or plaid like the we'll deal with that later.

But seriously...what is with that railing? Random splotches of white and gold? How does that even happen?  Well, we agreed that there really was no way to make this railing compliment the room....BUT it could at least try to stop detracting from it, right?

Some white paint and my mom's patience for a few hours and here's what we are left with:)

We settled on.."well, its better, right?"


Monday, January 24, 2011

Rock-a-bye Baby

 The nursery is in that - almost finished but just needs few final touches - stage and then the reveal!  One of those missing pieces was a chair of some sort for the late nights....then this rocker found us for 10 bucks at the local second-hand store- PERFECT!

Alright, maybe a bit dated, faded, and not much left to the padding...not so comfortable! But, with paint on hand and a trip to the store for some fabric and foam.....and of course a hand staple gun....

It became this!

(ignore sleeping husband in background and pile of new clothes for the little one - Oma bought her five new coats, all for a dollar! Good deals...)

 Simple steps:
Remove seats from base and the material from the board, actually a pain in the butt with all the staples!
Cut foam to fit
Wrap new material around
Staple to the board and for looks you can also glue a piece of material to the back to cover up your mess.
Glue the seats back to the base and voila!!

 Now she looks oh so cozy in the nursery and with a pillow to be made to match, nice and comfy:)

Take a look at the Linky Parties to see other people's great project's this week too!! I'm all linked up:) 


Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncle & Aunt times Three!!

 On Saturday my sister in law finally had her little boy via C-section since the little guy had no interest in coming out on his own a whopping 9.10 lbs, we don't know where she had him stuffed since she is so tiny! 

But man, is the little guy cute!! Just look at him there with the little yawn, even Ian seemed to enjoy holding this one since the pinkie in the mouth quieted him easily!

Well, welcome to the world Ethan David! Try to stay little as long as you can:)

And countdown update...we are five weeks to go as of yesterday!! And the baby room should be done by end of today thanks to the hard work of my mom, sister and a friend! Can't wait to show you!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

34.5 weeks!

Your baby now weighs more than 4.7 pounds / 2.2 kilograms and is 18 inches / over 45 centimetres from top to toe. She's filling out and getting rounder -- she'll need her fat layers later to regulate her body temperature. 

If you don't already talk to your baby, this is a good time to start -- at 35 weeks her hearing is fully developed. Don't feel ridiculous if you're already chatting in baby talk. Some evidence shows that newborns pay closer attention to high-pitched tones. 

If you've been nervous about going into premature labour, you'll be happy to know that 99 per cent of babies born at week 35 can survive outside the womb -- and most have no major problems. Although your baby's central nervous system is still maturing, her lungs are nearly fully developed by now. 

Baby DQ is growing and being crazy active during the day, thankfully letting me sleep decently though...on occasion on my back even!  She responds to voices and kicks back if i try and bother her, unfortunately mostly at work so daddio misses out on the fun for the most part right now.  And Oma and Tante Andi come to visit to do some house renos and finish up the baby room for the big reveal to come!  So stay tuned:) 

Five weeks and counting people, let's go! 


Sunday, January 09, 2011

My husband is better than your husband....

Don't you just love when you leave your house one way and you come home to find something new done??? And cleaned up....even vacuumed! That was my day yesterday, I have THE best hubby:)

Some friends were to come over and help him take out our half way and put it back together...they weren't able to come by so he took things into his own hands and took that wall out himself!  We still have to wait on people to come help us put it back together now, but my dining room/living room is now definitely open concept!!

Here is the before:

And the after!  Sorry, no staging...this is just how the house looks for now, deal with it;)