Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Step at a Time

My exciting news? My bathtub is now in the bathroom, not my living room:) Yup, that's the good doesn't actually have running water yet, but suddenly my living room looks huge so I'm happy!

Last weekend my FIL came over and we were able to put the new flooring down and put the bathtub in place and prepare the plumbing for the vanity to be put in place...each weekend we get a little done, a step at a time. It would be nice to have several days and get it all done at once, but for now I'm perfectly happy just having a toilet upstairs again:)  Going down to the basement each time was getting old...

Here are some new pictures of how the bathroom is looking now!

Bathtub ready to have plumbing attached and wall surround installed.

Sorry, didn't put the lid down for pictures, gross...

Vent will be replaced as well from our 1970's edition:)

So, the bathroom reno continues.  Once this is out of the way I'm getting inspired to make a space in the main floor for Carlee to be creative as she gets older...a little table and chairs with craft supplies...can't wait!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tubbin' Around

The bathroom reno continues...with a bathtub in the living room:) The life of renovations eh?

 Saturday the walls came down and new walls put up, and we are now working on the putty between the pieces of drywall...that's a new technique to learn for the hubby but his skills are coming along:)  That pretty much took all day for them so then Monday we called up my FIL(who is super awesome by the way - apparently 25+ years of homeowning teaches you ALOT!) to come by and hopefully put in the new bathtub...well, we got the bathtub, but once we got the old one out we saw the flooring had been getting damp under the tub so it would be wise to put a new layer of flooring down first:)  So the bathtub sits in my living room, but we have a lovely new floor waiting for new flooring now!  Perfect!  The plan is for that to go in Friday - will let you know how it goes! 

Life continues to be busy as I am running a little business from the home as well as planning to go back to work 2 days a week come February!  its gonna be a bit crazy as we settle into that routine but I think it will work well once we get used to it.   My business is taking off well too, and I look forward to doing that part time and quitting my regular job at some point....exciting and scary! 

My weight loss journey? Going well:) I am down to within 10 lbs of the pre-pregnancy weight.  I have been doing some research and found out that pcos was not to blame for my weight gain after I had initially lost most of the weight after having Carlee - nope...that responsibility lays on the drug domperidone!  I had been told to take it to try to increase my milk supply when I ran into problems due to pcos inhibiting the production of glandular tissue, which didn't work....but did give me some 20 lbs extra for fun!  So in a roundabout way, still PCOS issue, but not directly related:)   I still find it hard to stay on a healthy diet when surrounded by friends who don't, but most days, I do ok....  And stay motivated to be healthy so we can attack the hormones with our next child and try BFing again.  We did continue partially BF til 8 months, but I would love to BF exclusively for a full year or more with the next one:)  A fun/stressful challenge to face for the future! 

That's it for now!  I will be back soon with pictures of our new bathroom! 



Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bathroom Reno has begun...

 Well, what do you think? Is it better yet;)



The start of the bathroom reno came with wall paper down and tiles shattering to the ground:) No more white with blue flowers left except for on the countertop.   The walls need to be taken down and new ones put up, new vanity put in, new bath tub put in and fix the flooring.  Then the final touches of painting and such...that doesn't sound like much right?? ;)  Excited to get the blue bathroom in the past!!