Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Balls of Heaven

I'm not much of a baker...but around Christmas time I always find some bits of domestic-ness within to make the Christmas season a little more delicious. One of the favorites for myself and many others are the Peanut Butter Balls that I make every year...SO GOOD!   So given that I don't know how I'll be feeling in a month...I got at finishing these off early and Saturday morning was spent mixing, balling, and dipping away. And after limiting myself to sampling only one!!!....120 of them are in the freezer waiting to be eaten, given away, and shared at parties...bring on Christmas!

There are many different variations of this recipe but I keep it simple...
mix PB, icing sugar, butter, and vanilla
roll into balls
freeze for a half hour or so(then they don't get mushy as you dip them in hot chocolate
Melt the chocolate(semi-sweet choc chips for me) 2 cups with 1/3 cup of parawax
Dip away and put on wax sheet to dry

DONE!! Couple of hours later you are left with little bits of deliciousness...

What is your favorite Christmas treat??



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