Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ridiculous Railing Redo

Remember back for a moment to those houses in the 70's....what's the worst?  The wood paneling? The ridiculous amount of mustard colored things? The crazy designs on the flooring?

Well, I would suggest that this railing rivals them all:


alright, I'll give you the carpet is not that great either but at leasts its not green or plaid like the we'll deal with that later.

But seriously...what is with that railing? Random splotches of white and gold? How does that even happen?  Well, we agreed that there really was no way to make this railing compliment the room....BUT it could at least try to stop detracting from it, right?

Some white paint and my mom's patience for a few hours and here's what we are left with:)

We settled on.."well, its better, right?"



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