Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Step at a Time

My exciting news? My bathtub is now in the bathroom, not my living room:) Yup, that's the good doesn't actually have running water yet, but suddenly my living room looks huge so I'm happy!

Last weekend my FIL came over and we were able to put the new flooring down and put the bathtub in place and prepare the plumbing for the vanity to be put in place...each weekend we get a little done, a step at a time. It would be nice to have several days and get it all done at once, but for now I'm perfectly happy just having a toilet upstairs again:)  Going down to the basement each time was getting old...

Here are some new pictures of how the bathroom is looking now!

Bathtub ready to have plumbing attached and wall surround installed.

Sorry, didn't put the lid down for pictures, gross...

Vent will be replaced as well from our 1970's edition:)

So, the bathroom reno continues.  Once this is out of the way I'm getting inspired to make a space in the main floor for Carlee to be creative as she gets older...a little table and chairs with craft supplies...can't wait!



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