Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Blessed Life

I don't do it each day, though I know I should - but today, I feel very very blessed :)  As anticipated, we welcomed baby girl #2 into our lives on November 20th - this time we had a home birth which was wonderful and made for a very relaxing transition to family of four.  Here is how our family looks with the newest little one!

                                                                                          Christmas 2012

This week my SIL welcomed her 2nd child and now we wait a few more weeks for my sister to welcome her 2nd child!!  I have visions of all these little cousins running around in a few years just like their older siblings are now!

Speaking of,  C turns 2 on little girl, the experiment;)  Now she is a fun loving, tantrum throwing, stubborn like her mama, beautiful, smart girl.  She is so no longer a baby which we are stunned by!  She loves to do puzzles, play dress up, serve tea with her new tea set, ring around the rosie, baths galore, and help mom in the kitchen whenever allowed.  She is learning that she can make decisions and test the boundaries which is all exciting and frustrating in one:)

Her 2nd birthday present? A trip to Florida!

Not really.

We were going anyways, but it was conveniently right before her birthday and since we met Oma & Opa there, she got to have a party at Chuck E Cheese! Spoiled little girl!  That and a week living in her bathing suit was heaven on earth in her eyes! Especially with two playmates to meet her there!  Wandering if Oma has recovered yet...

Anywho, we had a fantastic time!  Here's a glimpse:

Oma & Opa

Just like Oma

Chuck E Cheese!  
She only sits still so she had a unique tan. 

E chillin' in the stroller, loving life.   Really!  She may look skeptical here, but she loved Florida. 

Daddy loved taking in the training grounds. 

E wasn't impressed. 
And now we are back shivering in the Ontario winter....spring's around the corner right? Brrr.

Moral of the story today? I got it good.  Real good;)

Debating coming back around here more often - will let ya know;)



Greg Ferrell said...

Glad to see that you guys had a fun trip! And I love to hear your positivity :)

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