Thursday, April 04, 2013

Holidays = Fail

Ok guys, next time I make a goal right before a holiday...just straight out call me crazy:)  As of Tuesday I was the same weight and had only done my squats one night!  
Epic Fail!

BUT on the bright side, I got my healthy on again as of Wednesday and decided to do a 3 - day raw food cleanse....well, by this morning my little nursing baby was slightly annoyed and a little gassy - sooo, this was a bit of a fail too.  I'm not going to continue with it for her sake and that it was gross drinking pureed veggies all day....but mostly the baby thing ;)

The bright side though? I lost 4 lbs just doing the cleanse for 1 day!  Good jump start to getting back on track and I've done my squats the last two night sin a row.  For now I'm sticking to veggies and fruit for a couple more days but I'll just eat them instead of pureeing them all together - now I just have to try and get to them before Carlee eats them all on me.

That's it here for my weight watch but check out my girlies at Easter this weekend:)

Family shot

Pleased with her loot from the egg hunt

Strange person in a huge bunny costume....Carlee runs and hugs.  Maybe its time for stranger danger talk! :S

Hope you all had a very happy Easter celebration.  Will update soon on how things are going on my squat challenge and weight loss goals!



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