Monday, November 22, 2010

Newest Award....

Worst blogger ever.... :(  Ya I know....I promised to show you projects, I showed you nothin'...BUT in my defense....we have been out EVERY night for the last two weeks or when we had a moment this weekend of sitting, I just sat.  And it was great! Since I'll be working two jobs, finishing a course and packing for the next few weeks...I figured I was allowed a minute right? No eh? No excuse...

Alright, well how about I show you all this house I've been talking about! December 16th we will officially (I think....given the unforeseen!) be moving into our own little place.  Note it doesn't look like much but boy do we think its got potential!  And ya, its still got a fabulous blue bathroom. So while we weren't here long enough for me to do anything to our current one...the new one will definitely need an overhaul at some point!

Anywho, enough chatting, time for is our brand new (old) house!

If you click on the picture, you can take a little tour of our new long as you promise to dream a little about what it could be!!



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