Monday, November 15, 2010

Disappearing Act...

Whew....its been a whirlwind that just keeps on going!  Where have the past couple of weeks gone? 

Well, being an occasionally spontaneous couple, we decided to start house shopping a few weeks now unofficially still we have bought a house!  Will share more details on that once its all signed and sealed but that is one reason my time went from blogging projects to open houses and house showings all the time. Did I mention closing date is Dec 16...haha, good times right?

Then my mom came to visit me for a week.  My mom is fantastic...she made croquettes, cleaned the house, made supper for us, decked this baby out better than you would believe, crocheted and knitted away all week, found a dresser and painted it for DQ, is going to attempt making the christening gown in addition to curtains and other decorative sewing projects for the room, helped us with putting in an offer on the house, found a cradle for the baby for the beginning, repainted a shelf for the baby room. and shopped til she dropped in the states with me all weekend.  It was fabulous:)  

Now I'm searching cheap flights to bring her out again in many new projects in the new place for her to work on!  In the meantime, I will pull out my camera and show you a few of the projects she pulled together this week.

Be back soon!  In the meantime, I gotta go digest that we are soon to be homeowners AND parents...whew



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