Monday, December 06, 2010

DQ's Room Additions!

 Remember how my fantastic mom came and got a couple of things ready for baby? Well, here is the a couple of the pieces with absolutely no before pictures:(   But you can imagine right?

The dresser came from Salvation Army for 25 bucks or so and had paint like drizzled all over the top...I think it was supposed to be artisitic.

It wasn't.

So a touch of sanding and a little paint, tada!!!! The green is to match the green from the material.  I debated over doing each drawer a different color but when done, I love this!
Also went back and forth about the handles, but once white they are actually kinda cute!

So, we'll add a change station on the top of this little one and be good to go! The drawers are already full of sweet little onesies and such from Oma (aka my mom).

 Now, for this one...I've had this one lying around for a while.  A little history is that back in the day my mom was all up on the tole painting fad that was EVERYWHERE about ten years or so ago. You know, like this:

And she did a beautiful flower on this guy and painted it a nice blue to match my room. Very nice right? Well, ten years later...not so much:) So a little paint and new hardware annnndddd, now we have this! 

 Crap, now your trying to see the fantastic pictures going on in there right? Well, they will be changed out to baby eventually but for now I'll show you this special little one of my first birthday!!

Don't you just want to reach in there and squeeze the little touche? No? Well you gotta admit the outfit is classic;)



Carrie said...

I swear I had that same dresser! With a desk to match. It was my mom's and my sister used it after me. Eventually we stripped the white and stained it and I think she still has the dresser!

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