Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Break and a Kitchen Update!

Hey there followers,
Is there anyone left?? I am having SO much fun being home with my little girl and keeping up to date here has fallen aside unfortunately! The LO is now five months old! She rolls, she sits, she 'talks', she is too cute!

 Boef (dutch for 'little rascal') just hanging out in her camp chair.

Sitting up all by herself!

and a touched up photo of cute!

And to her mom's excitement, last week she learned that sleeping for longer than 40 minutes at a time during the day is A-OK! She now sleeps for about 2 hours at naptime and I get to do some cleaning and such around the house for the first time! SO EXCITED!

And speaking of getting things done around the house, five months after doing the kitchen reno seen here, the knobs arrived and were installed! And at a HUGE deal as well.  We hit up a place in Maine while I was home in NB for a bit that sells their knobs for a dollar a piece!  Compared to the 4-5 dollar price tag here, I was pretty proud of my good find!  The selection wasn't amazing but good enough for me:)

And just to remind you, here's the before:

Perhaps a little more in this century now:) We are so pleased with the transformation!

Well, here we are having a massive heat advisory for tomorrow!! Gotta go find a pool to lounge in!



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Luv this Krista!! awesome!!

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