Thursday, August 11, 2011

Minus the Gluten...

In an effort to give my body a break and feed it healthy foods I have been looking into eating more gluten free foods when I can...I'm not strict with it but am introducing some foods into my diet. So, my first gluten free loaf of bread was created yesterday!

I used some pre-mixed gluten free flour from Kinnikinnick and followed their directions for a sweet bread loaf and then added some quinoa and cinnamon to the mix as well.  Turned the breadmaker on and a couple of hours later...delicious!!

Even the hubby ate it with no complaints:) Maybe I'll try it with some raisins or dark chocolate chips next time! Mmmm!

Carlee was pretty jealous of the bread but found a remote to gnaw on instead:

Five and a half months and getting more fun by the day:)  and with two hours naps having become a regular occurrence, Mom is having a great time too;)



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