Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Free???

So for those Canadians on here, you may have heard that over the air signals are changing from analogue to digital like the states did back a couple of years....  Well, we don't have cable right now and I HATE the idea of paying such inflated prices for I've been researching the last few months on what we will do when the change happens.

This week, they started switching over and I started having fun! I debated getting a new outdoor antenna to ensure we could get some usa channels since we'd be switching anyways, then I thought, wellllll, maybe I can diy it!! And then I did...

I dragged my husband off the couch and forced him to help me make this:

And of course took no pictures but it worked fine, not much better than our rabbit ears really....then I thought, let's move it up to the attic and it started coming in much clearer on the analogue.

Then I finally figured out how to get the digital signal on our tv and found, nope, not much coming in from buffalo, a couple christian channels but that was it:( Then I went to thesource and picked up a video amplifier for 30 bucks hoping it would do the trick to get those extra channels in....and sure enough.  A couple minutes .later we went from 8ish channels to 21 channels!

Total cost? Under 40 dollars and a very happy girl here...way better than 40 bucks a month, minimum!! Going from about 4 channels to 21? I don't even know what to do with myself:)

Anyone else get creative with the transition?

Ps. my girl is almost crawling!!

Taken at iSMILE studios



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