Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back at Work

Hello all!
Well, Can you believe in a week it will be a year since Carlee joined our family? Tis true! Which means as of Tuesday I returned to my job, but just 2 days a week. I am so blessed to be able to be part time at my job, run a fairly successful business teaching fitness classes locally and stay home with my baby the majority of the week! Its pretty special.  I would love to be home full time at this point, but remind myself it will all come in time and I am very blessed to have the situation as it is - especially a close friend who lives very close to us to care for Carlee while we are working.   Next weekend we will have a little get together for Carlee's birthday which will be very fun too...Its very weird to go from having a __ month old to have a one year old!! Amazing!

The bathroom is SO close to being finished the construction phase and within the week I will be able to go in a paint and decorate!  The before and after is astounding and I can't wait to share with you very soon how its coming along!

The PCOS continues to be a daily battle for me - my lymph drainage is very 'stuck' according to my naturopath and to date nothing has helped it move.  Our newest attempt is to increase my iodine intake, with the thought that as closely related the thyroid function is to pcos...perhaps this is part of what is holding me back yet - maybe even what triggered pcos in the first place. So that has started for the last few weeks, we will see if that helps matters at all:)

And my newest addition to my healthy eating? To ensure I am eating enough green vegetables eat day I added a smoothie into my day - harder on days I work but regularly:)  I am eating what are called 'Green Monsters'.  There are many different versions of this but mine consists of spinach, avacado, cucumber, alternative milk of some type, hemp protein powder with maca and flax, berries, banana and sometimes kiwi or peaches.  I've found i HAVE to have berries - nothing else covers of the taste to make it enjoyable. But I enjoy it, and feel good that I've added a good amount of healthy food in the morning - a time that was usually filled with some sort of mediocre carbs:)

What are you doing today to help rather than hinder your health? 



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