Monday, February 20, 2012

Shop Free Dinner Week!

In honor of my return to work this past week, and our need to watch where are money goes each week - I will be making meals all these week only from what is already in our house.  No running out that day to pick up whatever I feel like having, splurging on a fun meal.  There is always more in our house than we think there is - so much goes forgotten!

This may be a challenge as my parents are driving down to visit on Thursday but we'll see how it goes - for as many days as possible, outside of fresh produce needed, I will only cook with what is already in the house:) Doable? I hope so!

Day 1? Well, its family day here and we got invited to the in-laws for supper....well this is easy so far! ;)  Tomorrow though, I have some leftover tortilla wraps to use up - veggie quesadilla anyone?? Perhaps with fish as well:) Yum!

After this, I've been inspired by to start planning meals and shopping for 2 weeks of meals at a time. Makes me nervous just thinking about it:S

Anyone want to join me? What would you find in your pantry??



Kathryn said...

Krista, I hope Karly had a good 1st birthday!! that first year goes by so fast!!
We plan meals and shop for 1 week at a time. I end up doing fresh produce every week and my fridge is smallerish, so the 2 week thing never worked for me. Keep us posted how it goes!!

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