Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coasters....from Tiles??!!??

So the fact that these places charge an obscene amount of money for four little squares to place your drinks on has always bothered me and I have just tried to avoid them altogether.  However, my mom redid my Oma's old dining set for me and it is BEAUTIFUL and there is no way I am getting any water stains on it! So I bought little Ikea cheapy ones for the time being but they are just not doing it for me. 

And that is when I came across this beauty of a tutorial!  Do It Yourself Coasters made out of tiles and some scrapbooking paper! That is my kind of project! Easy to do and easy to replace when I decide I want new colors around! PERFECT!

Don't these make you drool just a little bit??  So tonight I shall finish my beautiful bench and maybe paint those branches BUT I can't wait to try out this little project soon:)

Have a great Tuesday!


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