Monday, June 14, 2010

Apartment Update...

Well, through the power of advertising on facebook...a friend of ours tipped us off to an apartment that her grandfather is renting the same little village we are in, for the same price BUT it has three, count 'em, THREE bedrooms...and a little "other" room that will be my craft room...its really too small to be anything other than a walkin closet but will suit me fine! And a space in the garage!!!  Who's happy? Moi:)  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother complaining when God always works it out, haha....Moving is still a pain to a point but to get that many bedrooms is amazing:) We are blessed...

Want to take a look? Here's the landlord waving from the side of the house, haha:)

You can see there are two side doors, one is ours, one his. So the house is split in half so we get a main level and an upstairs..Its a bit outdated but that just means I have projects to do:)

Like building a kitchen island for our new kitchen:) Definitely need the work space! Look for that once we move in next month! July 17, here we come! 

And cuz I'm a bit crazy, you can look at my floor plan for the new place here!! Fun right? I always need to see it laid out in front of me so I love this...

Have a good Monday everyone! I'll be back later to show you the dresser I transformed over  the weekend!




Andrea said...

Yeah!! I am soo excited - new places for both of us!!

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