Friday, June 18, 2010

Being Featured and this week's Feature:)

 So did anyone notice the added page to the blog this week?? No?? Well, wander over and notice on the left hand side that there is now a page calllleeeedddd: "I've Been Featured!"  How excited was I?? This is my first time being featured and I am pumped! So everyone take a wander over to this lovely lady's blog to see the feature and everything else fun she has got going on!

Then, moving on to this week's Friday Feature...let's take a look! 

This week's feature is......Snowy Bliss.  Mainly because she can sew, and I can't...and I need more friends who can.  Sadly my friends call me the one that can sew, and all I can do is sew a hem...its a sad world!  But back to this fun craft! She created these cute flowers on her blog this week.

They are just ridiculously cute right? This would be awesome in my sister's new shabby chic house! Good job over there by Anj:)

Ok, I've got a weekend filled with little girls, camping, roasting wieners, and maybe a thundershower mixed in! See you Monday:)



Anj said...

You are so sweet!!! Thanks for the feature and kind words! My sewing machine and I have an understanding. I sew nothing but very straight forward simple lines, and it will always work for me. And that's about all I do with it;)
Thanks again!!!!!

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