Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Me and my sister...we're his girls:)  That's what you hear all the time, "Peter's girls"! And that we are!  My dad is wonderful, supportive, full of advice, loving and always ready to talk when I need it...he makes it easy to live 16 hours away:)  He is the one racing to get the last roller coaster of the day in, making sure all my taxes are done the absolute best, will drive sixteen hours here and back in a weekend just cuz I said my computer was acting up, the first to offer help whether you are a stranger or not, and would drive through the night in a moment to get to Florida....I am overwhelmed by the love you give and how you take care of us without complaint. Thanks Dad for all you are! 

Have a wonderful Father's Day:)



Mandi said...

I love the pictures! THAT is a dad who'd drive 16 hours total for computer help!

Elizabeth said...

I stopped by to say that I gave you an award!! I love your blog. :) I hope you'll accept it!

Please stop by my blog and check it out!!

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