Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Creativity? Where??

Anyone else notice the lack of creativity flowing around here lately? Ya...not so much at my house right now. 

We found out that we have to be out of our apartment by mid August since they don't want to rent the apartment anymore to make room for a future growing family...that's fine, no big deal...in fact, I like moving...yup I said it...I like moving.  During university I was moving every six months or so and actually enjoyed weeding through everything and setting it all up anew and refreshed...given this was a small apartment or even just a bedroom getting moved around.  Now, its a larger apartment and two people's stuff that is fast accumulating being out of university and buying "grown-up" stuff, ya know? 

And I'm getting used to the idea and getting more excited BUT...in my head I think I felt that the next move would be our BIG grown-up move that will happen when hubby gets a job with a designation supported in accounting and we would know where we would be for the next several years...we would use all the money we've been saving and have a down payment and I'd get to go house shopping and browse through the house looking at the fun projects I could learn how to do and maybe even have a CRAFT room...ya, it was gonna be amazing!


 But no, its just another move to a small apartment, something rented, not owned...just a sideways move it feels like.  And after looking several weeks I still haven't seen anything I like either...So ya, no point in decorating an apartment that I have to move out of and I don't know where we will be and did I mention I have an intense dislike for the city we live in? Oh ya...so we are moving and its NOT out of that city either. 

So spirits and level of creativity? a little low right now...just saying....it'll happen someday but its like the world yelling "Haha, not this time!" ya know? Alright, complaining and ranting done...will be back soon with some bit of creativity mustered I hope...better browse more blogs for therapy:)



Mandi said...

I must say that I hate moving-- but when you put it that way: starting fresh, reorganizing, decluttering. . .well I guess that is the only good part about it. :)

Good luck!

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