Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving = Trip to Ikea, right??

So we took a look at the one bedroom apartment that is available last night and it is still double the size of our current apartment! Well, a downsize in kitchen cupboards and its not a walkout...but doable! So walking through the apartment I found my creativity somewhere along the way, dreaming of what I would do....if Ikea was absolutely at my disposable, money no option!! That's always fun right...imagine the impossible, haha:) Let's take a look!

 This would be our new work area with hubby's desk and some extra storage cubbyholes to hide the mess:) OR I would love this as my workspace for crafting and such...beautiful!

 We still have money set aside from the wedding as a gift from my Oma for a good coffee table...and its still not bought because how can you buy a lasting piece of furniture without knowing where it will go? But if I could...I'd so buy this one for the time that it is clean looking from the outside but still has drawers and storage!

 And this would be right behind my sofa(that I don't have cuz we just have a futon for now) looking pretty with fresh flowers on them:) I would change the decor with the season beautifully!

 This would be hanging above my kitchen table!  So funky, but as soon as i find supplies i will be making my own anyways:)

This would be displaying my dishware, utensils and anything pretty although I would probably frost the glass, just cuz its fun! or put chalkboard paint on it....hmmm:)

 Best therapy ever...probably should take hubby along next time I go just to be safe:)

Do you have a fave place to dream shop?



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