Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fave!

Ok, I have been making those magnetic boards and the worst part is finding some cool magnets to go with, I hate it...til I stumbled upon this little corner of ingeniousness!!  Flowers from scrapbook paper and make it magnetic...DONE!

I am so trying this out tonight:) 

In between feeding the relatives, hanging out with them, making a second frame, running to the store for more supplies and finding something to wear for the wedding tomorrow, AND figuring out directions which in my world is no easy task...No problem right...sure for all you multitasking moms that's a normal day, whew, I feel busy!

Anywho, take a look and try it out on your own tonight! Then you all can show me the awesomeness you created, hehe:) On second thought I'll like yours better so maybe not...

Whip over to On My Side of the Room and you shall see.....

 Cute eh? Now go see how she made the memo board too!

I so need more sheet metal!

 Have a great weekend everyone!

OH and no worries, baby updates will start soon:)



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