Monday, August 16, 2010

Life...just keeps on going!

Do you have the same feeling like summer was just rushed away?  I can't believe we are part way through August and I am into my second trimester..It can't go this quickly can it?  Well, sometimes I feel like hubby and I are just waiting for when we have some weekends to ourselves and this week, even a weeknight would be nice!  I hate that feeling of waiting to slow down and then when it does I'm bored and can't wait for something to happen...vicious circle isn't it?

Well, this weekend we headed to Brockville for a beautiful wedding and then explored the Thousand Islands on the border of Ontario and NY for a few days.  It was wonderful and just a perfect little getaway in the midst of a whirlwind of weddings and visitors and midwife appointments.

One of the things we did was take a cruise of the islands where we came across this little beauty...

Ahh, wonderful:)

Can you imagine spending a few days on this island...and going by boat to get your groceries, sounds like a great getaway place to me.  And the real fun part is that the island on the left is Canadian, and on the left, American, haha...So the man who owns it stated he loves to leave his wife behind in another country when they have arguements, cute!

What'd you all do with your weekend?  Visit any of your own personal islands??

Off to plan/help out/make present for another wedding this weekend!



Elizabeth said...

I've never actually gone to the thousand islands, but I know lots who have, and have loved it.

I know my husband would love to be isolated away on an island like that....sheesh, I wonder how much that costs?

Glad you had a nice time away - I totally get you when you talk about summer just rushing away from I am, 2 weeks away from going to back to work after 14 months off (courtesy of mat leave). Can't believe it's here already.

Here, we went to St. Jacob's...haven't been there in years, and it's crazy busy now! But loved it all the same. To me, in some deep dark recess of my soul, lol, the Mennonite lifestyle is so simplistic that it's appealing. :)

Mandi said...

Oy-- I cannot stand this idea of summer being nearly over! Ew. I will stay in denial.

So when do we get a picture of the baby bump?

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