Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rolling Around In Style

Well, someday soon I will be one of those ladies pushing around a stroller so I got to thinking about what kind of stroller do I want.  Should I just walk into Walmart and pick one that looks pretty or research to the point where no one other than that one that is overpriced and unattainable will do leaving me with a budget one that I will always glare at since its not as pretty as the other one...ugh...all that for a stroller??

Well, I caved and entered the world of researching strollers, and is it ever overwhelming and ridiculous.  But after two days straight of pouring over three or four wheels, all terrain or travel system, and which ones has suspension or parents trays...I narrowed it down to these three favorites, which I'm still not sure where exactly our budget lies but here we are, Christmas and birthday present??

Let's see,

#1 pick is....
Baby Jogger City Mini

 By far this one seems to be the best for getting around on many surfaces, a really easy fold up system, very light, amazing canapy and rather stylish eh?

Retailing around 230 US I would love pushing this beauty around.

#2 option 
Joovy Kooper

 Still light, folds up pretty compact, comes with more features than the city mini so less extra costs but does not have as sturdy of wheels so maybe a bit bumpier.  And at 152 and free shipping, just find an American to host this baby til I can pick it up and that's a decent price!

 #3 stroller of my dreams!
Peg Perego Si Light Weight Stroller

 I feel a little meh about this one...well rated and decent features but definitely not oooohhhh-ing me at all I guess.  But more likely to be found on a yard sale in Canada which is definitely a factor!

 Well, here's the current choices, got a few months to decide;) But what do you all think? Anyone got experience in this area, thoughts on these options, or others to consider? Would love to hear your opinions!

Runner-up in the competition has appeared! A cheaper version that still seems to get good reviews. Let's take a look at the Instep Safari(aka Schwinn).

 You can see all the info and reviews for it here:

Well, I'll be off stroller shopping tonight to try them all out.  Anyone had an Instep before?



Mandi said...

Dude those all look awesome, but as for me. . . I do have a smokin' hot awesome double jogging stroller. If I'd have paid for it (and not used gift cards) it would have cost me $400. Ouch. Honestly, it's rad. BUT, I hardly use it. AND my kids have peed in it. And poured pop down it. If I'd have spent that much, I'd be so freakin' mad.

If you're a big walker/jogger I'd spend more on a good one (within reason). If you're not, I'd go with a cheapy and you won't regret it when it sits in your garage and/or trunk for 2 years.

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Not a jogger so not worried about that but we do camp regularly and a full size stroller looks hard to get around while most umbrella ones look like you can't take anything with you and not good for newborns either. Did you find you don't use a regular stroller even enough for a 200 price tag?

Jess said...

How can "Peg Perego Si" not be your fave?

Lisa said...

Kris, you need to take a look at the Phil and Teds Sport. It has a doubles adapter so that you won't have to worry when baby #2 comes along. I've asked people who have it and they say that they LOVE it. I am in love with it. It's a little expensive, but I think that it's worth it:) xo

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