Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday back!!!

I know, your beginning to think whether or not I'm gonna do any projects of worth in the near future eh? Well, in the meantime til I get the ball rolling again let's take a look at what another person did this week!

I just love this inspiration this week since I've been thinking about what to do on a wall in the new place which somehow takes a lot longer to put together when your pregnant!!  Funny how that works:( Well, I can't wait to go home and find something fun to throw in different spots from this idea, so take a look!

This week's fave comes from Betty Crocker (wannabe) and literally sprinkles inspiration throughout the house.

That's it for this week, will share my wedding present for the wedding this weekend next week! See you soon:)



Kristin said...

Wow, thanks for the feature, you made my day! :)) I'd love to see what you make as well!

I love the nursery decor you featured on your last post too, very soothing and calm.

Happy Friday!!

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