Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little Chalkboard/Magnetic Frame

Nothing new, but this little craft is still one of my favorites to make and I love mine in my house...so handy to keep the important papers on so I don't forget things!  Well, mine is just magnetic so I love the idea of chalkboard to so you have options!! Well, let's take a look:)


Any frame - I like ones with a bit of design from any thrift store for a couple of dollars.
Chalkboard paint
Sheet of metal - i got mine from the plumbing section
paint of your choice, primer and varnish

 Fully cover the sheet of metal with the chalkboard paint - I use the spraypaint which is usually easier.  Just follow the directions covering it fully a couple of times.

This frame originally was just wooden and had an ugly picture...but I was too excited and didn't take a picture:) But it was ugly, trust me, no loss there!

Just do a coat of primer, paint it up and cut the metal to fit the frame....and that's it!

Hang it on the wall, and you've got a handy place to hang or write the important, or just fun stuff!

Hope the newly married couple enjoys it as I do:)

Have a great day!

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Mandi said...

That is a great idea! I don't know why I never thought of buying sheet metal to paint. Duh!

Kristy said...

Great idea! I have empty frame sitting in my study.

Kori said...

Looks fantastic!

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