Friday, May 14, 2010

New Friend Friday and...A $2000 Wedding???

The Girl Creative

Happy Friday everyone!   This is the last post I will make live for the next two weeks as tomorrow night I head out to the Netherlands and the house we are staying at has no internet so sadly I will be "off the grid" :)  Although at the same time, it is a wonderful feeling to be completely disconnected and unreachable...only way to really be relaxed I think!  Don't worry though, I pre-published some posts for the next two weeks to give you an idea of what I'm up to and some more little projects I've been working on:)

And now, on to my fave blog of the week!! This week I went for a bit of a change...normally I pick my favorite project that inspired me this week but this site just wowed me as a recent bride myself:)  Take a look at how this lady put together a wedding for under 2000!!!


  • Thank You Postcards + Stamps = -$31
  • Balloons to Mark Ceremony Street: -$4
  • Money Remaining from Lodging: +$110
  • Margarita Machine: -$232
  • Whole Foods: -$317
  • King Soopers's (Food): -$372
  • Sam's Club (Food): -$403
  • Boxed Wine: -$80
  • Beer Kegs: -$140
  • Clips for Nametags: -$24
  • Photography (extra flickr storage): -$25
  • Wedding License: -$10
  • Cakes: -$178
  • Wooden Sticks for Ceremony Program Fans: -$19
  • Wedding Quilt for Ceremony: -$8
  • Wedding Favors: -$21
  • DJ (iPod): $0
  • Photographers (friends): $0
  • Bride's Hair (friend): $0
  • Bride's Necklace and Shoes (reused): $0
  • Groom's Tie (made from old fabric): $0
  • Sash for Dress (made from old fabric): $0
  • Fabric for Cloth Napkins: -$50
  • Tablecloths: -$33
  • Stamps to Mail Instructional Dance DVDs to Our Wedding Party: -$6
  • Compostable Forks, Spoons, Bowls, and Cups: -$64
  • Stamps (Invitations): -$20
  • Water Color Paper (Invitations): -$6
  • Embroidery Thread: -$2
  • Wedding Dress (+Shipping/Handling): -$20
  • Domain Name for Website: -$7
  • Wedding Books from Library: 0
  • Total Spent: $1,962
  • Total Remaining: $38

Those who know me and my family know we are thrifty (some mention cheap but that seems a little harsh!!) and both my sister kept our weddings within a reasonable budget; however, this lady....I think she put us to shame...some really awesome ideas like a margarita machine make me want to do my wedding all over again!

That's it for today! Anyone got some good advice for an 8 hour plane ride?? Pass 'em on! :)


Bonnie said...

Absolutely awesome for them! We didn't spend much but still more than we had. My hat is off to them for not starting their married life out in debt!!

wacki04 said...

GREAT budget! New follower from New Friend Friday! Hope you'll return the favor :0

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