Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time & Memories:)

Goede Ochtend!!
Well, as we speak I am hopefully in Holland, given no volcanic ash came in our path:) But no worries, I saved a few projects to share while I am away gallivanting through Europe for a couple of weeks!  This one comes from my very crafty Mom who took this ugly looking cardboard.....

And turned it into this!  A clock mechanism, pictures, a cricut cutter, and some scrapbook paper later and a great decor for any room is ready to be given for a wedding present!



Leslie, the Home Maker said...

That is CUTE, Krista!
How creative and special!
I saw some not-as-cute clocks at IKEA that were tempting me!
Have fun in Europe- I am so jealous!
Hope you will share lots of pictures and memories with us when you get back.
Stay safe and enjoy!

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